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Lori Zorn

“After flipping thru pages of Oxygen magazine and seeing the pictures of the pro bikini girls I first saw Michele D’Angona. She was about my height and weight and I knew she would understand a shorter girl’s body.

Working with Michele has been amazing. The amount of information that she has taught me about clean eating and diet is not something you can read in a magazine and adapt it for your body. When getting ready for a competition, she looks at you regularly and revamps your diet depending on how you look and how far out you are from getting on that stage. I learned it is a total science and takes a lot of knowledge to constantly change it up so you peak at the right time.

Michele’s stage presence sessions and classes have been invaluable. I am short waisted with longer legs and can look boxy in the middle section so certain poses are definitely more appealing than others. Michele picks your best poses, goes over them and over them, adjusts every little part possible, down to your fingertips, so you are being seen by the judges in your best position possible.

I have trained with Michele both virtually and in person. I have a pretty strong background in weight lifting but Michele has taught me exercises that I have never seen or done before. A slight change in the position of a body part can make the difference between getting the most of out of an exercise or not getting much out of it at all. Michele is a perfectionist and will make sure you do it right!

Being a part of Team Sass has been like a entering a new little family of women with similar goals. It’s been a blast getting to know women of all ages who share passion for the same sport. Everyone has been so amazing and so supportive, even if you are competing in the same category and that is a great testimony to the type of women Michele prefers to surround herself with.”


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Basheerah Ahmad

Earlier this year (2010), I made a firm decision to enter my first fitness bikini competition. I assumed that because I am a personal trainer and fitness nutrition coach that I would have no problem getting in shape to compete. Boy was I wrong.

Although I was doing strength training, cardio, and carefully watching my diet, I was unable to make any significant changes in my trouble zones, my thighs and butt. I knew I needed help, so I asked a friend in the industry if he had any recommendations. He told me about Team Sass and showed me pictures of Michele in competition and I was sold! As tiny as she was, she still had curves and looked beautiful.

I started my program with Michele, the second week in June. By July 23rd, I didn’t recognize my body. I had lost over 5 inches in my thighs, 5 inches in my waist, and a shocking 3 inches from around my hips! The best part of my transformation was that my butt was perkier than ever! In addition to re-sculpting my body through diet and exercise, Michele also taught me how to captivate the judges attention while on stage.

Needless to say, I was prepared to compete in the NPC Los Angeles Show on July 23rd. That night I walked away with two 1st place trophies, and one runner-up trophy. I never expected these amazing results, and I certainly owe this accomplishment to the incredible competition program designed by Michele D’Angona. I will never trust my health to another Competition Coach. Team Sass rocks!!!


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Antoinette Bejarano


Mother of three girls, played for the Lingerie Football League, & National NPC Bikini Class E Competitor


” I felt comfortable and learned so much, it was mind boggling but she constantly reminded me that she was there, and that I would be just fine. She took pictures, showed me which poses worked best for me, and has this personality and passion to see others succeed and reach their goals. Her approach and eye for stage presence is wonderful and extremely helpful.

The confidence level I had because of the stage presence training made all the difference in my performance on stage, it was the best money I’ve spent. I couldn’t have felt this way without the guidance and support from Michele. ”

Jada Kelly

“I started competing in 2010 and had participated in 2 competitions before training with Michele. I was placing, but not winning and wanted to learn more about stage presence to get me to the next level. At both of the shows I competed in, I noticed there were a few girls that had amazing legs and wonderful stage presence. These girls were also placing higher than I was or were winning 1st in class. It was easy to figure out who their coach was because she was sitting in the front cheering for them the whole time!! It was obvious that this coach, who turned out to be Michele, was doing something right with her girls and her training programs.

I signed up for Michele’s Competition Prep and Stage Prep in time to get ready for my third show. She taught me so much about stage presence and finding the best angles for my body. Her workouts were challenging and each time I felt like I pushed myself to the limit. I had a few questions about my suit and how to make it stand out on stage, but she helped me with that too. Michele has a way of bringing your best out of you. She always sees the positive side of everything and truly wants to see you succeed.

I walked on to the stage at my third show, feeling more confident and looking better than ever. Thanks to her guidance and my determination, I won 1st in class that day!! Now, I’m Team Sass for life 🙂 ”

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Regina Woodring

“Thank you so much Michele for helping me reach a long time goal of mine! With your expert coaching and knowledge I placed 4th in my very first bikini competition at the age of 40!

In just 7 weeks I was able to transform my body from an average physique to competition ready with the diet you provided me! Along with that it helped me realize that I was not eating enough and 6 smaller portions a day was actually the healthiest way of eating. Not only do I physically look better, but even my skin complexion looks better!!

Even in my frequent times of doubt you never let me give up or made me feel like I couldn’t do this! You provided me with the motivation to continue to compete in 2011 and beyond! I am looking forward to training with you again!”


Victoria Hodgkins

“I took your diet advice and I’ve already seen some great changes in my body! I’m so excited and pumped. It’s hard sometimes to stay focused on my own especially when you hit a plateau, but meeting someone else who has the same passion/drive for fitness has really given me that extra push.”


Anh Jung


“After placing 2nd in Bikini Class A at my first competition, I knew I had to take it up another notch in preparation for USA’s. My weaknesses were Michele’s strongest areas of expertise…the glutes and posing! My husband, a competitor in the bodybuilding world prepped me for my first competition but I knew I needed a woman’s perspective, especially when it came to stage presence. I called on Michele after checking out her website. I saw how she was able to transform her clients’ body. After only one week into the diet and training, my body started to take on a new shape and I felt amazing! Michele was readily available for all, I mean ALL of my questions 🙂 And she explained it detail which was a big help. As we got closer to competition day, Michele tweaked my diet as needed. My body responded very well and ended up leaning out a lot faster than needed. Thank you Michele for all your help! I would recommend her to any competitor looking for that extra edge.”

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