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1456696_725316804166768_1523135485_nIMG_1920IMG_1765 IMG_2730How to get rid of cellulite... NO SURGERY REQUIRED!

Yes, genetics play a role in the amount of cellulite one carries, the elasticity of the skin, the smoothness & tightness, & the texture & thickness of your body/skin- but that doesn’t mean you are condemned to a life of rippled, jiggly, or cellulite bumps on your body.

Diet plays a major role in the way your body looks and feels & diet plays THE MAJOR ROLE in how smooth & flawless one can look. My programs are designed to not only take your physique to whatever level of fitness you desire, but inevitably because you are eating clean, your skin begins to tighten in texture, looks smoother, & literally becomes shrink wrapped to your muscle as time goes on. This does NOT happen over night- there are no special creams, lotions, or positions to speed up the process either. The change in your body occurs over time- as you gain lean muscle, raise your metabolism, and continue to eat clean & purify your body, your physique will begin to change, be reshaped, & become flawless. Diet kicks in within the first two weeks and most of my clients begin seeing a noticeable difference during that time. The body continues to shrink & becomes firmer only when you are consistent with the diet- stop and go & yo-yo dieting/clean eating is NOT going to cut it. What makes my programs so remarkable is NOT that my clients are transforming as that is possible for anyone to achieve, but whats most notable is the timeframe in which I take bodies of all shapes and sizes to that next level! What some may think would take 6 months, a year, or a lifetime to attain, I provide a plan that takes one body to the ultimate level of fitness in less than 3 months!

Training (specifically weight training) is essential to the transformation program as building lean muscle is vital to raising ones metabolism. The more lean muscle you carry, the more fat you will be burning even at rest! Muscle does not replace fat and fat does not replace muscle- they are two separate things that can both coexist together. My clients are NOT spending 4 hours a day in the gym! Their cardio is kept to a minimum- possibly 20-40 minutes depending on where their body is at and what we are trying to achieve. Weight training is a regular session lasting anywhere from 35-65 minutes a day- that is it! I remind my clients to think in terms of QUALITY NOT QUANTITY! Its not the amount of time you spend in the gym but rather the efficiency in the effort and work you do and put into the process.

There are no quick fixes, no magic pills, no surgeries that will instantly zap on muscle, raise your metabolism, give you total health, or instantly transform your mind set to positive thinking. Maybe this is an unfortunate thing to hear as you were hoping that my clients transformations were done with a special laser that gets rid of cellulite or a lotion or cream that tightens, firms, & shrink wraps the skin to the muscle, or a certain pills that magically burns body fat. I’m sorry to disappoint you but that is NOT the case. When it comes down to TRANSFORMING your body, your mind, & your lifestyle it’s going to take some work and that work starts from within. Luckily, if you have the correct tools, the right people around you, & the true desire for change, you CAN & WILL reach your goals…and then some! Take this as a life lesson- THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS TO ANY PLACE WORTH GOING! 

Trust Yourself! Get clear on what you want! Let go of the things holding you back, set boundaries, & weed out the unnecessary “baggage” you may be carrying. When you put energy & passion behind what you DESIRE, you begin to build power to manifest this into your REALITY!   

What I do, what I don’t, & my personal purpose & goal for all my clients:

1. My MISSION as a TRANSFORMATION SPECIALIST is to get my clients to realize their potential, to take positive control over their thoughts, their lives, & their actions (body, mind, & soul connection), & to help them to discover their inner strength and confidence from within to accomplish their dreams & goals, & life’s aspirations. With one client empowered I hope to greatly influence a dozen others- people inspiring, motivating, and influencing others in a positive way, paying it forward, and greatly impacting each others lives!

2. My JOB as a PERSONAL TRAINER, NUTRITIONIST, & LIFE COACH/INSTRUCTOR is to TEACH the lifestyle so that my clients may become knowledgable about living a healthy life & gaining greater understanding of their bodies- internally and externally. I am working to educate them on proper nutrition & training techniques/form, & exposing them to the positive effects that living this way has on their bodies and their lives. This knowledge can be passed down to their children’s, friends, and generations to come. Also, feeling educated and comfortable in the gym, in the kitchen, & in your own skin initiates the building blocks necessary to create a world only imagined and dreamed of for oneself. Knowledgeable & purposeful positive thoughts drive action, action creates change, & this type of positive change can only lead to greatness!

3. My ROLE as a COMPETITION COACH is to assist my clients in being 100% ready & prepared- physically, emotionally, & mentally for their show. Whether it be a fitness competition, a triathlon, or other sort of competition I coach them with all the necessary TOOL providing them with diet & nutrition guidance which is necessary to be in the right health, create a personal training plan so that physically they are at the peek necessary to complete their tasks/goals, & of course coaching the mental aspects to keep them pushing through inertia & take their minds to a higher level necessary as a competitor in any sport. Its not about receiving a physical trophy, medal, or prize (although that is an added benefit) but rather having completed the goal one sets out to accomplish- that puts a notch on the belt & drives one even further in all aspects of their lives!