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USA's Bikini Girls

USA’s Bikini Girls

Bikini Body Pro, that’s who!

My name is Michele D’Angona, the “Bikini Body” PRO, CHAMP, STAR, FREAK of NATURE…LOL, whatever you want to call me! I am that bikini girl you may have seen gracing the stage in my crystal clear platform heels, grass green teeny-weenie bikini, & bronzed goddess tanned skin. I’m not a big n’ bulky bodybuilder, I’m a lean, sexy-built wonder-woman. Not a skinny girl or muscle lady, but a firm & fit fantasy woman. I’ve managed to achieve that body that is universally recognized by women as a phenomenal package & in the process of doing so I’ve learned the good, the bad, & the detailed secrets to attaining that “Bikini Body”. So now I’ve created BikiniBodyPro.com to share with you the fabulous way to finally be happy in your own skin.

I’m really just an average girl with bikini body dreams. Before I transformed myself into a bikini girl & long before I discovered my full-potential, I’d look in the mirror & think, “This is as good as it gets!” Now just between me, myself, & I…deep down inside I knew different. I had doubts but I knew that if I really wanted to make over my body for good, I needed two things:  Motivation to DO & Direction to FOLLOW!


  1. KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Your body is your own. This is you! Overall, you are what you are and that won’t change much. Whether you’re a hippy girl, or you have booty, a small chest, a big chest, a belly, big arms, skinny legs, a curvy body, or a stick body, you are what you are and the first step towards a bikini body transformation is to accept that. Find your best asset & work with what you’ve got. Remember, your best assets may not be what you think it is. Our best assets tend to be the parts we never knew were great. In fact, it may even be that one thing you’ve always disliked about your body. For instance, I’ve ALWAYS had an issue with my legs- that whole, hip, butt, thigh area but especially my thighs! I tend to carry my weight in my legs & I learned that at a very young age. Now I knew I had a booty which wasn’t such a bad thing & maybe in tight jeans it was all packed in pretty snug so at first glance I seemed nice & firm, but the reality was I jiggled, my skin was rippled with cellulite, & bottom line I just wasn’t comfortable exposing my legs. As I began my bikini program & started to transform, I began to see my body in a whole new light. As I leaned out I began to shed myself layer by layer- not just in the physical sense but mentally I had a clear vision of who I was & what I was made of. My fears had shed with those layers of fat & I developed a whole new confidence. Ironically, I realized that I had dynamite thighs!
  2.  BELIEVE IN THE BIKINI BODY! You’ve heard it before, Thought’s Are Things! Your attitude, how you feel, how you think, & how you feel about the things you think, play a major role in achieving that “Bikini Body”. When you hold onto negative or untruthful thoughts you’ve collected over the years such as comments & criticism from parents or siblings or peers, you begin to create layers of insecurities, doubt, & failure which seem to cover your body, cloud your vision, & block your path. This is what holds us back. By literally shedding our fat, we are also ridding ourselves of the weight we’ve been carrying in our mind- we are able to let go of the things that have been holding us back- people, thoughts, ourselves….. When you get focused & clear your head of the non-sense you begin to believe & that is a powerful thing. Be open to change whether it’s a specific idea about training or dieting or it’s just doubt & fear in not being able to succeed, let it go. You may not realize this but it’s holding you back & that may be why you don’t have the bikini body you so desire!
  3. TAKE CONTROL OF THE ONE THING YOU CAN CONTROL! You may not be able to control the weather into being bright & sunny, control your boyfriend into proposing, or control your MP3 player which seems to go haywire whenever it feels like it. But you can take control of you! How? Well if you’ve gotten through steps one & two then this should be simple: Embrace, Change, & Control! Get a handle on reality & embrace who you are, Change your habits & turn negative thoughts into educated positive ones, & with the powerful ammo you now possess you’re finally in control. Don’t forget to believe it. I know you see that light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe you don’t know how to get there but the most important thing is that you’ve entered the tunnel, recognized you’re in the tunnel, & you know there is a way out! As far as we know, we are only given one life to live. We are given one body in which you are in complete control of. Whether you chose to control yourself or not, you still have a choice. By educating yourself on what it takes to get a bikini body & choosing to go out & do something good for yourself, your health, & your mind you are taking control. The best trainer on the planet isn’t capable of changing you. It’s you & only you who has 100% control over reaching your full potential so why not take the reins & make it happen?!