Meet Michele

Since 2007, Michele D’Angona has been involved in all aspects of the health & fitness industry! As one of the first IFBB Bikini Professionals in the United States & Female Bikini Team Coaches on the West Coast, Michele has become not only an expert in her field as a “Transformation Specialist”, but she herself has personally experienced the trials & tribulations of attaining the lifestyle, making her a down-to-earth & knowledgeable entrepreneur. Michele has coached thousands of men & women all over the world through her online & in-person programs, empowering them to not only reach their goals but to attain their highest level of potential, enlightening them to the idea of being a constant work in progress in all aspects of their lives. More than just a trainer, Michele is a motivating & inspiring empowerment coach, nutrition specialist, competition coach, & Transformation Specialist. 

Michele D’Angona was working for a progressive elementary/junior high school as the head P.E. teacher and was part of the aftercare program. She  has worked for private gyms, bootcamps, & schools, & as an independent personal trainer. With determination, perseverance & the true passion to help other achieve their goals, she became so much more than a couch or personal trainer. Her focus on healthy nutrition, overall mental and emotional wellbeing,  life coaching, and  body transformations for her clients has made her the lead guide when it comes to complete and total transformations of the mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Michele D’Angona earned her IFBB Pro card in 2009 at the USA’s in Las Vegan Nevada, only 3 month after she had had ever competed in her first NPC competition in Los Angeles. As an IFBB Professional Athlete, Competition Coach, & Nutrition Consultant, Michele has been able to help countless people of all fitness levels, all over the world, achieve their goals. She found her true passion in life has been to be the motivating & supportive voice that keeps people focused and driven to push themselves beyond the reasonable & to bring out their full potential!


A Personal Message…

“The journey you’re about to embark on is much more than just a physical endeavor. Your body is
your home, your temple, and a a physical place that the spirit resides and should be treated as a sacred space. In doing so you begin to feel the power of manifesting true self-love, self-confidence, & transformation on all levels as you empower all parts of your life.If we are open to it, we have the ability within us to take our body & minds to a much deeper level of transformation. Through my personal experience guiding others and myself towards  transformations working with countless men & women from around the world, I have discovered that the key to transformation begins with understanding and educating ourselves on the body, what we put into our vessel & becoming enlightened to the connection we can have with ourselves mind, body, & spirit. Through a balanced regimen of proper nutrition, physical training, & meditation or activities that relax and feed the soul, my clients experience a euphoric transformation in which the effects go much deeper than the surface.

Taking your body to the next level is more than just a physical endeavor. The journey you’re embarking on with my transformation programs will forever change your lifestyle, the way you view food & fitness, & most importantly it will strengthen your mind, enhance the power of being disciplined, & will give you a gained sense of confidence & empowerment.”&


~Michele D’Angona: Transformation Specialist & Guide,
IFBB Pro, Nutrition Consultant, Personal Trainer,
& Empowerment Coach