Name:  Tamra Seghi


  • Age:  41
  • Occupation:  Stay at home mom
  •  Home Life:  Married for 10 years with 2 boys age 6 and 8 and my girl who is a pit bull age 5
  •  Hobbies:  Working Out, snowboarding, wakeboarding, enjoying my kids and their sports activities, educating people on Pit Bulls as amazing pets


Michele– How long ago did you begin your fitness journey?

Tamra– I’ve always worked out since I was in high school; however, I never pushed myself too hard.  My workouts were pretty tame – some cardio and some weights but not heavy enough to really feel a burn or build muscle.  In June 2012 I decided to start putting much more effort into my fitness journey and really cranked it up when I found Empowering Body Fitness online in August and asked you to become my trainer.

Michele– Who or what inspired you to make such a drastic lifestyle change?

Tamra– There are 2 events that I can pinpoint bringing me to a realization that I needed to make a lifestyle change.  First, was my depression over turning getting older which I struggled with for most of the year I turned 40.  I was always in pretty good shape, but after my 40th birthday I realized that since having my two boys, I gave up most of my identity and put all my focus into raising them.  I didn’t work out as often, I gained an extra 10 pounds, and I just didn’t really take care of myself -physically or mentally. Second, both my kids and husband play a ton of sports and one day my youngest son made the comment that I was not athletic.  I always thought of myself as athletic and that made me realize that my kids didn’t see me doing anything to take care of myself,  They didn’t have any reasons to look up to me or see things that I accomplished besides taking care of them.

Michele- What were the obstacles you faced when you first began?

Tamra- I had to learn that it was ok to spend time on me and not feel guilty if I wasn’t at every sports practice, play date, etc.  I also needed to learn how to eat a clean diet and work much harder on my fitness.

Michele– What were your habits prior to your lifestyle change and how did you change that?

Tamra– I ate too much food that wasn’t good for me and had quite the love/hate relationship with sugar!  Love it when I’m eating it and hate the way it would make me feel after. I also had a bad habit of making excuses and telling myself I shouldn’t even try something because I couldn’t accomplish it.  Once I met you, Michele, and got started on her training program, I knew I would be sending her weekly updates – I needed to become responsible for my actions and I just needed to do it- no more excuses!! I spent so much time researching all the success stories women had made in their fitness journeys.  There are so many inspirational stories of women my age and even older who compete and look amazing.  If they can do it, there is no reason I couldn’t and any other woman who puts her mind to it!

Michele– At some point you decided to compete & take this fitness hobby & goal a step further, tell us about that experience.

Tamra– When I told my husband I was serious about making a lifestyle change; he told me I needed to set some kind of solid goal that could really hold me accountable, not just a weight loss goal.  I thought hard about what kind of goal I could set.  I had a friend who competed in a figure contest a few years prior, and after talking to her a light bulb went off – if I set a goal of competing, I knew I would be much more motivated to follow through and do everything I could to feel like I was worthy of stepping on to that stage.  I wanted my family and friends to see that I really worked hard to accomplish my goal.  I was hoping to place at least in the top ten – I never imagined that I would end up taking 2 first place trophies in Masters Bikini, along with a 4th place and a second place in Bikini A in my first 2 contests!!  Wow – what a rewarding experience!!

Michele– What has been the most challenging things for you during the process of dieting, training, changing your mentality, and Tamrachanging your lifestyle?

Tamra- For dieting – realizing that I had to be accountable for everything I put into my mouth.  There’s no innocent snacking – it all adds up!!  Once I realized that, I didn’t have much of a problem following the diet.  I did have to get used to cooking more often and always having my food ready for me.  It’s not good to be hungry and not have the right food available.  Many nights, I was cooking chicken, tilapia, and veggies at 11pm so I would have food ready for my next couple of days.  Training was a blast – I shocked my husband (who knew what a wimp I had previously been in the gym) and found out I LOVE to work out hard and I loved seeing my muscles emerge and the toning process!!

Michele- What would you say are the most important things you got out of this experience?

Tamra- I firmly believe that this experience completely changed my attitude and outlook to a “can do” attitude.  Before I would always let my inner voice tell me I couldn’t do something so I shouldn’t even try.  Now I look at obstacles or new challenges with excitement and confidence – I can do anything I set my mind to!  I’m no longer depressed about being in my 40’s!  Ain’t nothing but a number!!!  I also learned that I can love my kids with all my heart, but I need to love myself also to truly be happy J

Michele- How did this experience effect your family life, your friendships, &/or personal life? How did you manage to balance your home life, family, & personal life?

Tamra– My whole family, especially my husband, was super supportive through my journey and continues to be!  I love them all so much and can’t thank them enough for all of the times they helped out taking care of the kids so I could get my workouts in.  There were times I felt guilty missing time or experiences with my kids, but I know that they have a great support system around them and they were so excited to hear about my competitions and see my trophies.  I feel proud that my kids know their mom worked hard and accomplished an athletic goal just like them!  I did have to become a bit of a hermit close to competition time-  no going out with friends to lunch dates or girls night out, and no joining my family at the fast food places on weekends between sporting events.  My close friends were also super supportive and I’ve loved reconnecting with them since the competition.  I can tell I’ve become an inspiration to many friends with all the questions and advice they ask me!  Competing was the best choice I’ve made in a long time and I can’t thank you enough. Michele, you’ve been an amazing trainer and were always right on point, even when I was freaking out and not sure of my progress.  I couldn’t have done it without you!!

Michele– Would you do this again & if so knowing what you know now, how would you better prepare for this journey?

Tamra- I would love to do it again and I believe you can always learn how to do things better.  I just have to continue to have a positive can do attitude, eat clean, work out hard, and for me, work on having a well organized day so that I can make sure to always have the time and the balance between my goals and my family!!

In my experience of not only coaching competitors for shows but competing & turning pro myself, I feel that it’s an investment in more than just your hard earned dollars. Competing is not necessarily about getting on stage in posing trunks, board shorts or a figure suit or bikini; but it’s about making a mental commitment to challenge yourself beyond your wildest imagination, developing a discipline you’ve never experienced, & sacrificing a period of time in your life that will ultimately help you succeed in reaching your goals!

When you’re truly serious about this venture & ready to take on this challenge full force, you’ll find the means to do it…BUT, that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to get there. The reality is, that will only cause you unnecessary stress & the competition process can be stressful enough in itself. Over the years I’ve had many clients who come to me asking for idea’s on how they can make competing a reality when they are nearly broke- I personally feel that you can make ANYTHING possible & I’ve never let finances stand in the way of getting exactly what I want out of life! Money, money, money….oh money! The reality is, LOOKING GOOD COSTS MONEY! It’s part of the commitment, right timing in your life, & the sacrifice you make to attain your ultimate mental & physical transformation. From hiring a trainer/coach, to purchasing the food & supplements, there is no way around it but there are many ways to cut corners & get the most out of your hard earned dough!

Necessities for competing: 

Register for your competition & Purchasing your Membership Card (ex.NPC, IFBB)


First let me say, the sooner the better, as once this happens your goal becomes REAL & you’ll be more likely to finish what you started. The cost can be around $80-150 depending on the show & the amount of categories you’ll be entering. The nice thing is you can usually wait up to two weeks prior to the show to register without incurring late registration fees- so you can budget yourself accordingly…but like I said, don’t wait too long to commit! The NPC membership costs around $80 & doesn’t need to be purchased till the day of or day before the actual competition & once paid for it’s good for up to 1 year!

Check out WWW.MUSCLECONTEST.COM for a list of current California competitions put on by Los Angeles’s best, Jon Lindsay.

Hiring a Competition Coach, Personal Competition Trainer, Competition Nutrition Specialist

My Disclaimer: I may be a bit biased with this subject as I am a trainer, nutrition specialist, competition & athlete conditioning coach, stage posing coach, #1 body transformation expert in Los Angeles, & I also provide personalized diet & nutrition programs for clients with other needs as well! 🙂 

I personally feel that proper guidance prior to getting on stage is ESSENTIAL especially when you’re new to competing! I had been a trainer & nutrition consultant for about 8 years when I decided to do my first show but even then I hired a coach to get me to my goals as I needed to know the in’s & out’s & all the details of getting up on stage. It’s definitely the perfectionist in me but in my head I had to know that I was doing everything I needed to to be not only ready but absolutely flawless on that stage! The fact is about 40% of my clients are trainers or athletes themselves but the only way to truly be prepared for your competition both mentally & physically is with a coach to guide you!

Decide whether you’re the type of person who needs in-person one-on-one support or if you can follow an online type plan without that in-person contact. I actually offer both to my all my clients, some of who are out of the area, some who can’t meet weekly, or for those who want to come in as much as possible- whatever your situation you want to be successful in your program. It takes two things to be successful in your choice of a plan: 1) YOU have to make the “plan” fit/work with YOUR lifestyle. Meaning, you need to be ready to implement & make things work. And 2) Your COACH needs to be 100% confident in their abilities, education, & skills to help you reach your goals.  Without those two parts working together, you will not be successful…nobody wants that so think & choose wisely! 🙂

An in-house LA Fitness trainer isn’t going to cut it- no offense to those trainers but you need to FIND SOMEONE WHO SPECIALIZES IN COMPETITION PREP. If you can, find someone who you you “click with”, someone who does it ALL (nutrition, training, posing, etc.), someone experienced (not necessarily a Pro but someone with Pro qualities), & someone who does it well (not just as a side job to make extra money but a coach who truly treat this like the business that it is) , Someone Like ME! LOL…That would be the best plan of action as you’ll need a specific & constantly changing diet, a training program to follow or a trainer to guide you, along with the details & prep for the stage posing, etc, & of course the mental part of it all- real support, inspiration, & motivation throughout the duration of your journey.

Coaches & Trainers prices vary & can cost a good chunk of change. I feel that you can’t judge a trainer on their rates- choose wisely based on what you’ve heard about them, their proven results with other clients, & the connection you have when you meet with them. You shouldn’t be charged for a consultation & they should be willing to walk you through your program without additional charges as well. My total competition prep rates vary depending on your needs & the duration of your competition prep but I do not charge extra’s. My total programs rates are the true rates- no extra hidden charges: I teach the stage posing & stage presence etc. until you get it right without additional charges, you have full diet planning & support throughout the entire program & as your body changes I change your plan (to avoid plateau’s), I also offer a weekly progress check-in where we train together in person, discuss how things have been going, take pictures, etc… I also offer payments plans & I give all sorts of discounts/reduced rates for referrals! For more information contact the Body Transformation Specialist & IFBB Pro, Michele D’Angona: Email:


Other Things to secure down before you commit to taking your body to the next level:

1. Gym Access/Membership- You need access to a gym that is fully equipped to accommodate you. Of course there are plenty of ways to get in shape that require no equipment, no weight, etc…but we’re not just trying to get fit, we’re taking it a step up & actually going to compete which means you’re going to require weights, cardio equipments, & at least some weight machines. (I think the Smith Machine is a must!)

2. Workout Clothes/Shoes- Comfy shoes are a must & one or two gym outfits won’t cut it unless you plan of doing laundry daily! Now you don’t have to go all out & buy brand name crap but you do want workout clothes that fit well, comfortable, & you are going to want to feel good when you’re wearing them- trust me…when you FEEL that you LOOK good in your workout clothes, you will actually feel good mentally & you’ll become your own daily motivation- ready to hit the gym hard! 😉

3. Supplements- The nice thing is once you purchase the basics they should last you throughout your prep- buying in bulk is definitely worth it so watch out for sales on specific products. Again, your coach should be advising you on at least the basic supplements to be taking if not the actual brands they recommend. A word of warning: Walking into a GNC or Vitamin Shop can be dangerous if you’re not quite sure what to purchase. The sales associates are just that, SALES ASSOCIATES…LOL, not that they are ALL sharks out to sell you the next big commission product but some of them may be, so it’s best to walk in with a budgeted list & specific products & only purchase that. One of my favorite ways to shop is online because I can do my research, read reviews, find the best prices, & I don’t have to leave my house. WWW.BODYBUILDING.COM is one of my favorite places to shop for supplements because I can not only read the reviews & see ingredients & nutrition facts, but they constantly have special sales, free shipping, & all sorts of great deals.

4. Food- Grocery shopping will become (if it hasn’t already) a weekly thing. If you haven’t noticed, the foods that are organic, all natural, & healthier for you are more expensive but again, where there’s a will there’s a way! Check for sales- those “buy one get one free” on packages of extra lean turkey, etc…those are the times/sales to stock up & have a freezer full of fresh proteins. Buying in bulk from COSTCO for let’s say, eggs for instance is a great idea or even going to a local farm is worth buying gallon size containers of fresh egg whites. Many times the 100% egg whites gallons purchased from farms come frozen & honestly last a long time! Veggies are best fresh but if you had to buy frozen veggies you could substitute for the fresh stuff. Frozen can save money & time- I always have frozen veggies in stock in my freezer for those days I run out of the fresh stuff & I’m in no mood to go to the grocery store for the 10th time that week! LOL! Stores like TRADER JOES can also be fairly priced & much better of a deal then a traditional market. Also, look online for places you can order your proteins from, bison, chicken, etc…there are more websites than you can even imagine that will deliver fresh, grass-fed meats,etc. right to your door within days!

5. Suits, Heels, Bling, Hair, Make Up, Tan…the little details that make all the difference!

If you’re a bikini competitor, bodybuilder, or men’s physique competitor then the suit/trunks/shorts can be as easy or as complicated as you make it. Figure suits can get very pricey as can bikini’s if you want that extra special touch or bling. I have a lot of great, inexpensive, & custom suit places to shop at both online & local southern california locations..these are just suggestions & if you have other company’s you feel have done a great job on your suit, please contact me so I can add them to the list!


MY TOP CHOICES (In no particular order)

Barracuda Bikinis, Mafia, 

Mermaid Mafia, Dolls, 

Fresh Peaches,

Other websites to checkout:,,, 


I’ve put together a great local team of the best of the best when it comes to the finishing touches needed to get on stage. They take their businesses & work just as serious as I do & their artistic skills & perfectionist ways make them the #1 choice to use when looking your best at your competition on the west coast. These are a MUST for your show & you will not be disappointed with the results. I don’t put my guarantee on just anyone or any company but these are the trusted officials who have made TEAM SASS look like the champions that they are!

  • Professional Make Up: Contact Safoura “FouFou Makeup”,

Whether your goal is competing in your first show, improving your placing for the next, earning your pro card, or just achieving your own personal level of fitness; nothing should ever stop you from reaching your full potential! You deserve to have all that you want in life & I believe that with strategic planning, the will to success, & with ambition put into everything you think & do you can achieve anything! 


Brooke Mora

Height: 5′ 8″

Weight: 135lbs. (off season), 127lbs. competition weight       


Training since Oct. 2009

“Stay focused, dedicated, and determined!”  ~Brooke Mora 😉

Q. How has living healthy, or dieting, or fitness changed your lifestyle?

A.  It has completely changed my life for the better.  It has removed all negative influences that were present in my life and has allowed me to see a very positive and promising future for myself.  

Q. Did you have a major event occur or reach a breaking point to make you totally want to change your lifestyle, fitness or otherwise?

A. Well as most of us women know relationships good and bad make a huge impact on our lives.  There was a point in my life where I became sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I reached deep down into myself and simply made changes.  I stayed focused, dedicated and determined to change. With those changes came opportunity and now I’ve found a life style that I am very passionate about.    

Q. What’s the hardest thing for you about training, competing, &/or dieting?

A.  Not having enough time in the day and keeping my energy levels up.  I work full-time Monday-Friday, so it’s imperative that I schedule my time well.  When I’m doing split card days, I’m up at about 630am at the gym by 7am for 30-45mins of cardio, at work by 930am and then back at the gym at 7pm until about 930pm.  Ya, not much time for anything else.  I get all my cooking done on the weekends for the week, thats the only way to be prepared and have my food readily available.     

Q. Do you participate in any classes or sports besides weight training? If so, what?

A.  I try to do yoga once or twice a week.  Stretching is so important and I love the tranquility and mentally clarity that yoga brings.  In the off season I usually join friends and participate in triathlons or 5k runs as well. 

Q: What is your favorite workout?

A:  My fav???  Well I’ve made my least favorite into my favorite.  Lunge kick-ups on the smith machine & donkey kickback machine have recently become my favorites because they have transformed my lower body.  But they are still the toughest workouts for me.   

Q. What modeling work, photo shoots, fitness competitions &/or sporting competitions, if any, have you participated in or prepared for and what were the results?

A. Excalibur NPC – Dec 2009 – 5th place Class C

Muscle Contest NPC March 2010 – Overall Bikini Winner

USA’s NPC – July 2010 – 1st Class F – Earned Pro Card

Tournament of Champions IFBB Bikini – September 11, 2010 – 2nd place – Olympia qualified

The Bikini Olympia Sept 2010 


Muscle & Fitness Dec 2010 – Hot bod spread – John Russo

Muscle & Fitness HERs – 2010 issues

Labrada 2010 Campaign – Jason Ellis

Versa Gripp Campaign


John Russo

Marc Royce

Chaz photographics

Tauseef Photography

Q. Where do you learn most of your information regarding fitness, training, & healthy eating habits?

A. The concept of weighing food and exercising wasn’t foreign to me. I grew up watching my mom weigh her food when I was younger and she taught me the importance of portion control.  I was involved in athletics from a young age and have always educated myself about health and nutrition. I was a pretty active gym goer, trained for triathlons and ran quite a bit, but it wasn’t until I started training for competition with Michele D’Angona did I really learn about how to eat clean and what foods get the results I was always looking for to transformed my body. 

Q. What is one thing you’d like to accomplish in the next 2 years (fitness or other)?

A. Well I have at least 2 things I’d like to accomplish 1. Finish 1st in an IFBB bikini competition and 2. Make the cover of Muscle & Fitness Hers. 

Q. What is one of the biggest sacrifices you’ve made, and was it worth it?

A.  I won’t call what I gave up sacrifices; they were distractions keeping me from reaching my goals and dreams. Yes, it was definitely worth it and don’t mess them at all.

Q. When staying healthy & fit can become so consuming, how do you balance the rest of your life, social, work, family, etc.?

A.  It’s important to keep a balanced life.  The way I keep things balanced, is always make time for family and loved ones…they come first.  Then prioritize the rest.  If I’m training for competition that is my priority, 

Q. What is that one body part that you just can’t seem to make look like you want?

A. Well I’m a work in progress still…always trying to improve my whole body.  When it comes time to step out on the stage I’m pretty happy with the work that I’ve done.  But there is always room for improvement. 

Q. For someone who is new to the fitness & health world, what piece of advice or information would you give them before they get started on this new venture?

A.  Take one day at a time or better yet take one meal at a time, one workout at a time.  Focus on the present.  Don’t ever say you can’t do it! You can! Can’t is just another way of saying you won’t. 


“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” ~ Calvin Coolidge

“You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety.” – A. Maslow