My “NEW YEAR” Begins Today!

Hi Friends! I have so many new and exciting projects I have been working diligently on for most of 2019 that I am thrilled to be completing to share with all of you.

COMING SOON… New Website Launch!

This launch kept getting pushed back only because the perfectionist in me just wanted to be sure everything was, well, perfect! LOL! We all know too well that perfection is just an illusion. If I can speak and create honestly and purely from my heart and soul, then I know I have done my best work. That’s been my motto for the last year and the more I have honored that, the more breakthroughs I have experienced.

This new website launch will provide soooooo many new and exciting tools and juicy information to take advantage of, and absolutely FREE! My dream and goal was always to have a complete one-stop-shop for everyones health, fitness, and wellness needs, but being such broad topics, that really isn’t doable nor necessary. I have instead taken a step back to re-evaluate the purpose of this new website and this idea of feeling as though it needed to be the “bible” of health/fitness/wellness. Many years ago when I started my business, social media and the internet in general was nowhere near the magnitude of expansion it has grown to. All these years I never felt as though I was falling behind or even in competition with any one person or company, but instead I moved to the beat of my own drum. That has worked for me and as I grew from the Bodybuilding industry into “HEALTHY” transformations of all types, then adding on with Transformational Healing Retreats, eventually solidifying my medicine woman desires to complete an herbalism certification, the work, my business, has always resonated and felt inline with me- the Michele I always identified with… Up until recently. It’s not that these topics and tools didn’t have meaning anymore, its just that I had changed and evolved so much that it was time for my website and business as a whole to shift completely into this next stage of growth. The last 2 years (not just this year) has been about death, letting go, forgiving (myself), and birthing… Its been a long two years of breaking down and building up and just being. I have so much to say and speak on this topic but I will save that for the launch! 🙂

My new website launch is about what I believe in and always have, and that is “TRANSFORMATION” and all that it encompasses within the body, mind, heart, soul, spirit, earth-living, cosmos, and beyond! You may be thinking, “Well Duh, Michele. This is what you are about!”. I have to say though, I was diminishing my gifts and who I was and am- trying to fit the mold of the old me. I needed to go through the death of the old and birth of the new me in order to truly appreciate where I have been, where I am now, and where I wish to go. This NEW perspective has allowed me to fully and confidently step into this next stage of my transformation.

A new website sounds great, but what new features can I expect?

Well, here are some of the highlights I can share with what’s to come:

  • TONS of FREE info to support you on your transformation and road to healing covering a variety of topics.
  • EXCLUSIVE Members Portal with private access to hundreds of video tutorials, recipes, spiritual tools/guidance, and so much more!
  • ALL NEW Transformation Programs that everyone can afford. Programs and e-courses starting as low as $12 a week.
  • Some new and renewed topics will include: Nutrition, Plant based nutrition, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Traditional and non-traditional weight training, Retreats/Travel, Eco-living, Herbalism, Mindfulness, Healing through self-love, Intuition & strengthening abilities to manifest, spiritual practices, etc…
  • COMMUNITY!!! Ahhh, finally! Access to practitioners and myself on another level! Stay tuned!

If you would like to be part of the new members portal PRE-LAUNCH, be sure to join the community emailing list. I am also giving away a FREE transformation to one lucky winner- no purchase necessary!

YES! Count me in for FREE ACCESS to the Pre-Launch of the new Transformation Website!

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I want to give a special shoutout to a company and product that was a MAJOR help in the process of allowing me to rebuild my new website myself, “DIVI” by Elegant themes. They have a brand new launch as well that I am excited about (No, this isn’t a paid endorsement or affiliate partnership). They are also giving away a free macbook to celebrate their launch so definitely enter for your chance to win! The Launch of the classic theme builder, Divi 4.0 Countdown is in just a few more days and I know its going to be beyond all of our expectations.

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