Interview with Tamra Seghi

Name:  Tamra Seghi


  • Age:  41
  • Occupation:  Stay at home mom
  •  Home Life:  Married for 10 years with 2 boys age 6 and 8 and my girl who is a pit bull age 5
  •  Hobbies:  Working Out, snowboarding, wakeboarding, enjoying my kids and their sports activities, educating people on Pit Bulls as amazing pets


Michele– How long ago did you begin your fitness journey?

Tamra– I’ve always worked out since I was in high school; however, I never pushed myself too hard.  My workouts were pretty tame – some cardio and some weights but not heavy enough to really feel a burn or build muscle.  In June 2012 I decided to start putting much more effort into my fitness journey and really cranked it up when I found Empowering Body Fitness online in August and asked you to become my trainer.

Michele– Who or what inspired you to make such a drastic lifestyle change?

Tamra– There are 2 events that I can pinpoint bringing me to a realization that I needed to make a lifestyle change.  First, was my depression over turning getting older which I struggled with for most of the year I turned 40.  I was always in pretty good shape, but after my 40th birthday I realized that since having my two boys, I gave up most of my identity and put all my focus into raising them.  I didn’t work out as often, I gained an extra 10 pounds, and I just didn’t really take care of myself -physically or mentally. Second, both my kids and husband play a ton of sports and one day my youngest son made the comment that I was not athletic.  I always thought of myself as athletic and that made me realize that my kids didn’t see me doing anything to take care of myself,  They didn’t have any reasons to look up to me or see things that I accomplished besides taking care of them.

Michele- What were the obstacles you faced when you first began?

Tamra- I had to learn that it was ok to spend time on me and not feel guilty if I wasn’t at every sports practice, play date, etc.  I also needed to learn how to eat a clean diet and work much harder on my fitness.

Michele– What were your habits prior to your lifestyle change and how did you change that?

Tamra– I ate too much food that wasn’t good for me and had quite the love/hate relationship with sugar!  Love it when I’m eating it and hate the way it would make me feel after. I also had a bad habit of making excuses and telling myself I shouldn’t even try something because I couldn’t accomplish it.  Once I met you, Michele, and got started on her training program, I knew I would be sending her weekly updates – I needed to become responsible for my actions and I just needed to do it- no more excuses!! I spent so much time researching all the success stories women had made in their fitness journeys.  There are so many inspirational stories of women my age and even older who compete and look amazing.  If they can do it, there is no reason I couldn’t and any other woman who puts her mind to it!

Michele– At some point you decided to compete & take this fitness hobby & goal a step further, tell us about that experience.

Tamra– When I told my husband I was serious about making a lifestyle change; he told me I needed to set some kind of solid goal that could really hold me accountable, not just a weight loss goal.  I thought hard about what kind of goal I could set.  I had a friend who competed in a figure contest a few years prior, and after talking to her a light bulb went off – if I set a goal of competing, I knew I would be much more motivated to follow through and do everything I could to feel like I was worthy of stepping on to that stage.  I wanted my family and friends to see that I really worked hard to accomplish my goal.  I was hoping to place at least in the top ten – I never imagined that I would end up taking 2 first place trophies in Masters Bikini, along with a 4th place and a second place in Bikini A in my first 2 contests!!  Wow – what a rewarding experience!!

Michele– What has been the most challenging things for you during the process of dieting, training, changing your mentality, and Tamrachanging your lifestyle?

Tamra- For dieting – realizing that I had to be accountable for everything I put into my mouth.  There’s no innocent snacking – it all adds up!!  Once I realized that, I didn’t have much of a problem following the diet.  I did have to get used to cooking more often and always having my food ready for me.  It’s not good to be hungry and not have the right food available.  Many nights, I was cooking chicken, tilapia, and veggies at 11pm so I would have food ready for my next couple of days.  Training was a blast – I shocked my husband (who knew what a wimp I had previously been in the gym) and found out I LOVE to work out hard and I loved seeing my muscles emerge and the toning process!!

Michele- What would you say are the most important things you got out of this experience?

Tamra- I firmly believe that this experience completely changed my attitude and outlook to a “can do” attitude.  Before I would always let my inner voice tell me I couldn’t do something so I shouldn’t even try.  Now I look at obstacles or new challenges with excitement and confidence – I can do anything I set my mind to!  I’m no longer depressed about being in my 40’s!  Ain’t nothing but a number!!!  I also learned that I can love my kids with all my heart, but I need to love myself also to truly be happy J

Michele- How did this experience effect your family life, your friendships, &/or personal life? How did you manage to balance your home life, family, & personal life?

Tamra– My whole family, especially my husband, was super supportive through my journey and continues to be!  I love them all so much and can’t thank them enough for all of the times they helped out taking care of the kids so I could get my workouts in.  There were times I felt guilty missing time or experiences with my kids, but I know that they have a great support system around them and they were so excited to hear about my competitions and see my trophies.  I feel proud that my kids know their mom worked hard and accomplished an athletic goal just like them!  I did have to become a bit of a hermit close to competition time-  no going out with friends to lunch dates or girls night out, and no joining my family at the fast food places on weekends between sporting events.  My close friends were also super supportive and I’ve loved reconnecting with them since the competition.  I can tell I’ve become an inspiration to many friends with all the questions and advice they ask me!  Competing was the best choice I’ve made in a long time and I can’t thank you enough. Michele, you’ve been an amazing trainer and were always right on point, even when I was freaking out and not sure of my progress.  I couldn’t have done it without you!!

Michele– Would you do this again & if so knowing what you know now, how would you better prepare for this journey?

Tamra- I would love to do it again and I believe you can always learn how to do things better.  I just have to continue to have a positive can do attitude, eat clean, work out hard, and for me, work on having a well organized day so that I can make sure to always have the time and the balance between my goals and my family!!

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