Stage Experience to the MAX! Professional Dancer, Caitlin Wheeler competes in the NPC Bikini Division!

Caitlin Wheeler

Age: 27

Occupation: Professional Dancer

Hobbies: Dancing, working out, shopping, beach, catching up with friends, hiking, anything physical, fun and will make me smile. 🙂

After moving to the U.S. 2 years ago to continue her professional dancing career, Australian native Caitlin Wheeler has proved that anything you aspire to do in life can be accomplished- and with flying colors! At 27 years old, Caitlin has taken her beautifully muscular dancing physique to another level of fitness competing in her first NPC Bikini Competition this past summer! 





How long ago did you begin your fitness journey & what made you decide to take this route of competing? 

I have danced since I was 5 years old and professionally for the past 7 years, but I didn’t decide to train for a competition until 3-5 weeks before the competition. Fitness and health have always been such a prominent part of my life, but the decision to compete and take that extra step came from a lot of people saying I should compete; this gave me the confidence and push to try it. I decided only 3-5 weeks before a competition to train and diet for it. It was a drastic change to my lifestyle and I was thrown into every aspect of it – diet, training, posing, etc. But it was nothing but positive and life changing!!

What were your eating habits prior to your lifestyle change, how did you change that, & what was the hardest part?

I ate fairly healthy and clean, but sugar was definitely in my diet. I cut it out totally when training for competition! And now barely include it in my diet and am such more aware of it! Cutting sugar was tough…and time management. The most challenging part of this was cooking, preparing food in advance, doing dishes, shopping, time management, the mental challenge of not ‘cheating’, pushing through exhaustion when working out. Proper clean diet and nutrition is a lifestyle. The only lifestyle we should all have.

What would you say are the most important things you got out of this experience?

A healthier, leaner physique!! Seeing now how hard I can push myself even beyond limits I didn’t think possible. I now know my willpower and dedication is unstoppable. I was very lucky to have extremely supportive friends and family, but it definitely effected some social situations. I had a wedding and two birthdays I went to during training and took packed meals. (Yes I looked weird drinking a protein shake at the wedding).

What advice could you give others based on your personal journey and what you experienced?

That it will be one of the most challenging journeys you will have, but also one of the most rewarding. You will discover all new strengths to yourself and that you can achieve anything if you just put your mind to it and listen to Michele!! Lol!

Besides achieving a remarkable body transformation in such a short time, what else did you experience that you would consider “life changing”?

My strange mental ability!! I now feel like I can conquer anything I put my mind to.  This was much more of a mental challenge rather than physical! For me I can put in physical work and sweat it out in the gym all day, but to make myself stick to the diet and push myself to go to the gym; especially, when I was exhausted, was tough at times.

How and why did you end up choosing to work with Empowering Body/Team Sass/ Michele D’Angona?

I found her online and from my first meeting with her, I loved her positive energy and knowledge. I just knew she would get me to where I needed to be and what I wanted to achieve.


Caitlin Wheeler & Coach/Trainer/Nutritionist,  Michele D'Angona

Caitlin Wheeler & Coach/Trainer/Nutritionist, Michele D’Angona

As a trainer myself, finding a coach to help me prepare for my first show was important because it really does give you that last push that you need to transform your body in such a short time and in an incredible way… Even though I had a lot of knowledge about by body and training as a professional dancer and gym enthusiast, Michele’s knowledge was crucial to my success! I found her online and from my first meeting with her, I loved her positive energy and knowledge. I just knew she would get me to where I needed to be and what I wanted to achieve. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone. It is life changing in the best ways!!


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