ASHLEY VANBOXMEER has major SASS: Smart and Sexy Softball Player goes Bikini!


Ashley VanBoxmeer

Occupation: Personal Trainer


Something you may not know about me… I am a 2x olympian for Team Canada Softball

1) What was you reason for wanting to compete?

I wanted a new challenge & my over all goal was to live a long healthy life, share my knowledge with my family and friends! I am a trainer it was just difficult to find time to make sure I ate all my meals. Being a trainer I did not feel I needed help in the gym as much as I did with the nutrition and posing. 

2) What

setbacks did you experience prior to working with Michele DʼAngona that may have prevented you from reaching your goals & how have you overcome them?

Staying committed to a plan n following through.

3) Are there still areas in your life both physically & mentally that may be holding you back from taking your body, mind, & health to an even higher level? Wh

at are you doing to to overcome these obstacles?

Yes, personal in
securities…. I am going to explore other options to see what is best suited for me and what my needs are 🙂

4) Would you say that transforming your body was more of a physical challenge or mental or both or neither? Please explain.

MENTAL…. trusting the process was my biggest obstacle. my body changed DAILY some good days and some bad but I had to relax and Michelle was AMAZING at helping to reassure me that it would be ok. 
5) They say that proper diet & nutrition is essential to reaching your goals physically. How true do you think that statement is?

100% I’ve never seen my body change so much just by what I put in my mouth… Michele taught me so much about my nutrition, she didn’t just give me my diet and push me away she explained things when I had questions. 

6) Besides achieving a remarkable body transformation in such a short time, what else did you experience that you would consider “life changing”?

The fact that I got up on stage in a MICRO bikini in front of a huge crown and strutted my stuff… I don’t do well with public speaking and or having the attention all on me.

7) If you could offer some 

advice to someone attempting to go through the transformation process, what advice would you give them? (Or What would you have personally done differently in preparation for what you were about to experience, etc.?

Trust the process and follow directions…

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