It’s better to keep your eyes open rather than shut!

“I’ve been awaken to reality!”

That’s a great way to say it…but without getting too philosophical or being too abstract. I’ll go somewhat into detail (without divulging too much of my own personal examples either! LOL): The last few weeks of my life brought many questions, feelings of disconnect or confusion, & although many positive things were happening & presenting themselves too, I still was unclear of what to do & how to feel balanced in every aspect of my life- business, my personal relationships, my home life, etc… The truth is we all go through times where we’re unclear of what our new move will be, unclear of where we are headed, & unhappy or unsatisfied at what & why particular situations are being presented to us.

I attended this lecture last month that really changed my life- that’s a major statement to be making but I’ll say it again…It really CHANGED my life. It wasn’t idea’s or things I hadn’t already heard but I guess you could say that I was more perceptive & open to LISTENING rather than just hearing. The woman said something that resinated with me within her first two sentences, “Let me start by saying that you are all MEANT to be here tonight & there will be a message in tonight’s lecture for YOU even if I don’t end up speaking directly to you, you’ll just know & relate in your own way. Think about it, there are 1,000 things in the universe that had to line up perfectly for you to have made it here & to be sitting here tonight.”…..WOW, that was a powerful thing to say & maybe because I was open to her idea’s & thoughts I was able to walk away from that night with a better & more secure feeling of my souls purpose. Again, this wasn’t a self-help lecture, a religion based speech, or a money making scheme but rather a message from the universe reminding me that IT was meant to be & what I put out in life is what I will get back…I know you may be thinking of “The Secret” but it wasn’t that either. 😉

Let’s just say we are all on this Earth for a purpose. We all have our own set of life lessons to be learned, things to discover & change/adapt ourselves to without compromising our morals. Just when you think you’ve gotten over one hurdle such as an abusive or unfulfilling relationship, an unhealthy addiction to anything- food/drugs/love, etc…, a major block in business or whatever it might be, something else happens right? Well life happens, will continue to happen, & just as sure as you are that the sun will rise in the morning, something else WILL ALWAYS show up again to challenge your life in some way. It’s what you do with those challenges & how you face those things that will affect the outcome.

You know the saying goes, “When it rains, it pours…”, this can be taken in a negative or a positive:

Negative- 1) Gosh, bad things ALWAYS happen to me & even when I get through over one bump in the road it doesn’t take long before I hit another. For example: I’m running late to work already, crap! Then I spill my coffee on my white shirt as I walk out the door, again! And on top of all of this I end up getting in a small fender bender because I’m rushing, great! So now my thoughts begin spiraling down this path of what I call “Total destruction”…my car is going to take forever to get fixed, it’s going to be so expensive, I can’t afford to take the day off of work my boss with kill me, & on top of all that my favorite white shirt is ruined, why does this ALWAYS happen to me? Whether we say these things out loud or not, your thoughts ARE being heard & the energy you’ve put into these thoughts is only manifesting, festering, & boiling over into all areas of your life.

photo-11.jpg~ My thoughts on this are that; “LIFE happens…and life will constantly happen…for the rest of your life!” LOL…so why not change your thoughts to attract the positive rather than dwell on the negative which only attracts more of that?!

Here’s a positive to the saying “When it rains, it pours” 2) I hit these bumps in the road but I see them as life lessons to be learned, so I take them with stride, I’m prepared & I know that more are coming so I slow my speed, gently roll over them, & keep my speed slow yet constant so nothing get’s in my way of making it to my destiny! So many things (MOST THINGS) are out of our control. The only thing we have total control over is out own thoughts & actions. Now, I’m not saying nothing will ever upset you or get to you- we are human & that is inevitable, but it’s the thoughts that follow that will lead you down either the same path or steer you in the direction you’d want to be going in.

~If we truly have the power of free-will & to co-create our destiny through our life’s thought, actions, words, energy, & hearts, them why wouldn’t you WANT to do all that’s in your power to turn any & everything into a positive?!

So maybe we are here to overcome a few lessons. I know under some circumstances I end up making the same mistakes over & over again, for example: (now this is a true to life example) As strong of a business woman I can be & as independent as I’ve always been, I tend to think with my heart & feelings more often than with my brain & logic when it comes to love, therefore I end up staying in relationship (so called friendships, romantic relationships, etc.) longer than I should. The result of that is that I always end up feeling like time was wasted, betrayed or compromised, not quite settled with my feelings, & regretful. This particular type of situation has presented itself to me again & again- maybe it wasn’t packaged as I had envisioned it to be, maybe it wasn’t with the people whom I thought would ever happen with but none of that matters, what matters is HOW I handle things…HOW I do things differently than the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time this happened, & HOW I change my thoughts so that it doesn’t affect me negatively again. I had my eyes shut in my last relationship & didn’t want to see what was right in front of my face & in this circumstance I actually got the evidence or confirmation I needed to see clearly what I had turned a blind eye to! Normally in this type of situation I’d stay in hopes of following my heart, in hopes of others changing, or in hopes that I can be proven wrong & love will prevail…this is MY lesson to be learned. I believe that once you can recognize your weaknesses (these challenges) & you can do, think, feel, differently about these things, THAT IS WHEN YOU WILL (as they say) LEARN YOUR LESSON & can move on with life! This is obviously one lesson I’m now working on but have no doubt in my mind that it will be overcome because now I can see that this is just that- a lesson that has presented itself multiple times during my life & now I’m in the right state of mind & developed mentally enough to make a change. This is free-will, nothing is written in stone, & this just proves you always have the power to improve your situation, grow as a person, & move on! 🙂

We’ve all overcome certain things before or maybe it’s that right now at this very moment you’ve been faced with an obstacle to overcome but you haven’t really looked at it in that way- so now is your time!

Most of my readers, clients, & Facebook followers know my personal story. I know for a long time addictions, overindulging in life’s pleasures (partying, drugs, drinking, sex, etc..) were a huge LIFE LESSON that I kept having to face. Well for many years I always took the path I wanted to & didn’t give much thought to anythings else because I told myself that I could do, say, & feel however I wanted & if someone didn’t like it then screw em’! They can do things their way & they don’t have to be around me. Well the truth was I was only being destructive to myself & this lesson (just as all life lessons) was one that I would need to learn on my own, by myself, at the time I was supposed to learn it. So I eventually hit my rock bottom & finally took a different path. This was the same rock bottom I had been hitting again & again but for whatever reason that moment was my AH-HA moment to do something different. Unless I wanted to keep repeating this life lesson, I would have to make a change. And so I did! I used the idea of preparing for a competition, eliminating drugs/alcohol & other mindless things, training my body, & controlling my mind & eating habits to TRANSFORM my life…Self discipline was the life lesson I was supposed to learn at the time & I learned it 100% & was able to move on to bigger & better things.

Whether you believe in God, a higher power, or whatever- the same rules apply & until you stand before your problems, issues, challenges, obstacles, et. with an open & positive mindset, you will never get ahead! Again, LIFE is going to happen….there will always be SOMETHING that reminds you that LIFE isn’t perfect but if you can remember that YOUR LIFE WAS MADE JUST FOR YOU & the challenges or obstacles you are facing are UNIQUE & SPECIALLY CREATED JUST FOR YOU, then I believe you’ll begin to see things more clearly, with a better attitude, & true desire & belief in change! 

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