One END leads to a new BEGINNING!

It’s amazing when you can pinpoint the exact time, incident, & moment that changed your life forever! It started right after Thanksgiving over 3 years ago…I was going through my daily rituals of Cardio & weights in the mornings, working all day, eating pretty balance but “saving my calories/carbs” by stopping my eating around 3pm so that I could feel less guilty when I took advantage of every happy hour special in town. My partying, drinking, clubbing went well in to the night & wee hours of the morning. I’d get about 2 hours of sleep before I was up & at em starting my day over once again hung over.
















I totally abused my body & lost focus & respect for who I was & what I was worth, I wasn’t living as responsibly as I should, & I was wondering why I couldn’t get ahead in life. I thought I had all the self control in the world- after all, I was in control of what I wanted to do, say, & think, & when I wanted to do it, say it, & think it so at the time I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of life. I was SO BLIND & had NO CLUE!

Step one for me was to back off my lifestyle & destructive daily habits such as partying, drinking, etc…When my first awakening happened, it wasn’t really something I wanted to act on but it was something I knew I HAD to do. I didn’t even really know why I had to but it was more just like a test to see if I could. It was right after Thanksgiving & honestly the idea to stop drinking came about simply based on the simple fact that I wasn’t getting a buzz anymore! I just felt shitty, hungover, & BORED with everything in my life & this was the challenge I needed to kick start a new life. Before I knew it I had quit everything cold turkey which set the foundation & prepared me for the journey I was about to embark on…I had NO IDEA what was in store for me & had I know, I would have started so much sooner than I did!

I woke up New Years Day 3 years ago & made a resolution to change my body, create discipline & structure with my habits, & a build a new foundation to CHANGE my life, my business, & my way of thinking! I never even imagined I would have accomplished what I did in such a short time & had you asked anyone who knew me before they might have said the same thing… Based on the way I was living during the years prior, it was if I had nothing to lose, living day-to-day with no real direction, knowing I wanted more for myself- physically & mentally. What I experienced in the months that followed was not only a physically body transformation but a mental transformation which gave me a clarity & understanding on my life & myself that I never knew existed. Sometimes we have no idea what we’re missing until we achieve it, meet it, or find it, & then we can’t imagine our life without it! To this day life has only gotten better & I can predict that I’ll attract even more good things.

I believe in the laws of attraction & that we all have the abilities to BECOME the person we want to be, BUILD the life you wish to live, & in turn you will attract all that you are, bringing happiness, love, success, & respect to all aspects of your life!

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