Kaelin Nicole Lau: Pro Volleyball Player Gone Bikini!

Kaelin Nicole Lau

She’s a 28 years old, 6 foot,  personal trainer, & pro volleyball player with a passion for competing! Kailin competed in her first show this summer & knows all about what it takes to reach your goals!

Q. How & why did you end up choosing to work with Empowering Body & Michele D’Angona’s Team Sass?

A. I had been a volleyball player most of my life and pro for the last part. And after I retired I was looking for a new way to challenge my body. A way to keep me motivated in the gym andin the kitchen. Since I had become a trainer, a lot of my ‘co-workers’ were doing bodybuilding, and since I am never one to not join in on a competition, I decided to give it a go. After months of trying to formulate my hypertrophy workouts and cutting diets, I found myself frustrated and exhausted. I had found Michele’s Facebook Pages and had really been inspired by some of the body transformations. As a trainer I know the body and how it moves from a performance stand point. But I had no experience with aesthetic based outcomes. So I decided to email Michele to solicit some advice on how to make my training more effective, and more tailored to what I would be judged on.

Q. As a trainer yourself, why did you find it beneficial to seek out a coach & would you recommend this to others?

A. As a trainer, we all have our specialty, mine in Sports and Performance based training. I know how to make athletes run faster, jump higher and react quicker. But when it comes to the all-inclusive sport of bodybuilding, my expertise fell short. I needed someone to help me navigate through the specific workouts, diets, prep, and supplements. I needed someone who knew what I was going through, how to get through it and how to win!

Q. What setbacks did you experience prior to working with Michele D’Angona that may have prevented you from reaching your goals & how have you overcome them?

A. The setbacks that I was experiencing were Diet and the eye to see where my body was and which parts I need to develop to get ‘the look’. I was killing myself, over training and not seeing the results because as an athlete, we are not disciplined in our diet at all. We train and play hard all day, then go for Wendy’s afterwards. Our lives are about performance, not aesthetics. So my eating habits were, not good. To say the least. Michelle’s Diet that she wrote just for me was really what changed everything. My body, my outlook and my end results. She told me that her diet was magic, and it really is.  I had the energy; I was getting everything I needed. But more importantly I had confidence, the fact that Michelle was a pro and if she tells me that this will work, I had every belief that I would. And it did! There was no second-guessing myself on her program. And that alone made her worth her weight in diamonds.

“I would say that transforming my body was all mental. As an athlete I know what hard work is. But not what self-discipline is in terms of diet and perseverance. I was used to being soar and tired and lifting heavy. But what I was not used to was taking ownership of feeding myself with a set goal and purpose.”

Q. Besides achieving a remarkable body transformation in such a short time, what else did you experience that you would consider “life changing”?

A. I also saw what I could do with my body both physically and mentally. It gives me a strong sense of confidence and it changes my outlook on the things that I can do in life and to myself. I was walking through life, having already categorized myself, limiting me to what I was thinking I could and couldn’t do or become. Now I see that there are endless possibilities for what I could do or become. It is all in my power.

Q. If you could offer some advice to someone attempting to go through the transformation process, what advice would you give them?

A. Call Michele! If you want to do it right, call her!

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