Jennifer Dominguez, on her way to the Pro’s competing at the 2011 USA’s!

Jennifer Dominguez

 Height/Weight: 4’9 1/2 😉
Off Season weight: 98-100 
Competition weight: 92
WEBSITE: In the works 😉 Stay tuned!
“I was always athletic as a kid- staying active with Cheerleading, Dance, and Swim, but I was introduced to weight training when I hired my first trainer when I was 24 years old. I’ve been training for 6 years, but have become more consistent in my routine the last 3 years. Also, I would have to say that the real transformation in my physique was in 2010 when I competed for the first time and hired Team Sass Coach, Michele D’Angona, who taught me that 75% of how you look is what you eat.”
Q. How has living healthy, or dieting, or fitness changed your lifestyle?
A. Since leading a more healthy lifestyle I’ve become more positive and more of my dreams have come true. I feel good on the inside, and by feeling healthy and balanced in my body I’m able to give more, do more, and inspire more. It’s really true that the there is a mind, body, spirit connection. If one of those elements is missing then you have an inner turmoil or struggle that transcends into other areas of your life- relationships, career, health, family. But if you’re able to exercise & discipline your mind in unison with your body and spirit..then anything is possible! 
Q. Did you have a major event occur or reach a breaking point to make you totally want to change your lifestyle, fitness or otherwise?
A.  I went through a very difficult heartbreak/break-up when I was 26 years old. For me it was an identity crisis, trying to find out who I was when so much of my 20’s was being in a serious (yet immature) relationship. I had no inner strength, self-esteem, or confidence. I spent most of my time crying, complaining about my “drama” to friends, or drinking/eating away the pain. One day, I just looked at myself in the mirror and knew that the person staring back was not the person I was meant to be. There was a strong woman physically and mentally waiting to breakthrough, but

I just needed to connect with her. In a moment, and I’ll never forget it..I stopped crying, took a DEEP breath, smiled, and took on a fighter spirit. I realized thatmy “drama” was so small and that I had the power to create a new reality. Instead of feeling sorry for myself and self-sabotaging I knew I had to get up, and DO SOMETHING. So I went for a hike, prayed, and connected with nature. The world seemed so beautiful and I was excited to start my journey into being the best I could possibly be….In that day, I decided to break many unhealthy habits, separate myself from negativity, and focus on creating a healthier self image. Not only for myself, but to inspire other women around me..including my friends and family who were also in the “mending” part of their lives. On that hike, I discovered my new purpose- to help raise women up, when they are down; to energize and pump up their inner selves. I’m a true believer that with any “breakdown”, there is a “breakthrough”. But the only way to step out of your darkness is to committ and let go. Hold on to your vision and release the “drama”. And of course you have to want to change..if you are not open to change, then you will remain the same. That doesn’t make it wrong, but it’s a choice you’ve made for yourself.

Q. What is one common mistake you think people make or common misconceptions people have regarding their fitness & health routines (diet mistakes, gym/cardio mistakes, weight training, etc.?
A.  I see alot of women not eating enough. Skipping meals or completely cutting certain macronutrients out of their diet, like carbs or fats… Or my #1 pet peeve…avoiding weights because they think they are going to get “too big”. Again, true fitness comes from balance. Balance in your diet AND in your training!
Q. What’s the hardest thing for you about training, competing, &/or dieting?
A.  Food prep for sure. Making time to cook and clean. When I’m preparing for a show, all I think about is F
OOD, FOOD, FOOD. Grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking, and packing everything in tupperwares…and the worst is DISHES! I pretty much live in the kitchen when I’m training.Q. Do you participate in any classes or sports besides weight training? If so, what?A. Not currently. I’m interested in taking a Cross Fit class or taking up dance again. 

Q: What is your favorite workout?
A:  I love training Glutes a.k.a Booty!!!  I love the burn and the results you can get if you have the mind/muscle connection. My favorite exercises are deadlifts and weighted-walking lunges..I me crazy, but I LOVE IT!Q. What modeling work, photo shoots, fitness competitions &/or sporting competitions, if any, have you participated in or prepared for and what were the results?A. My first year competing was 2010:  Cals 1st Place, West Coast Classic 2nd Place, USA’s 9th Place  2011: San Diego Championships 1st Place, Emerald Cup 2nd Place I did a really fun photoshoot with my Coach and some teammates from Team Sass last year in the desert in Las Vegas for Fit Treasures, and a shoot in Red Rock Desert with IronMan magazine.
Q. Where do you learn most of your information regarding fitness, training, & healthy eating habits?
A. The best magazine ever…Oxygen! I can’t wait to get my issue in the mail each month, and if you follow their fitness & nutrition advice you will get results..TRUST ME!


Q. What is one thing you’d like to accomplish in the next 2 years (fitness or other)?
A. I’d like to earn my IFBB Pro Card in Bikini and be featured in my favorite magazine, Oxygen (even if it’s a small little photo in the corner of the page, haha!)


Q. What is one of the biggest sacrifices you’ve made, and was it worth it?
A.  Isolating myself from friends as I get closer to a competition. I believe with any goal you have to have discipline..and with discipline you have to sacrifice or give up something. When prepping for a show, I choose to not drink or eat “non-competition” food, so in order to stick to my goal I spend most of time at home or at the gym. It’s a temporary sacrifice that most of my friends understand, and I believe it’s worth it. And true friends support you in all you do!


Q. When staying healthy & fit can become so consuming, how do you balance the rest of your life, social, work, family, etc.?

A. I try to communicate with my loved ones every chance I get. It’s easy for people to judge you, but instead of spending my mental energy “wondering” what people are thinking, I try my best to express my feelings. People are entitled to their opinions, I understand that…but for me to keep balance and sanity, at the end of the day I just have to feel good knowing that I did my best to communicate and express. People can either take it, or leave it. Balance is about identifying your priorities and following through. There is always sacrifice to achieve balance in your life..and something or someone is alway affected. The key to harmony is COMMUNICATION. 

Q. Who or what motivates & inspires you?
A.  Two of my favorite fitness models/competitors are Jamie Eason and Nita Marquez. I believe their inner strength shines through just as much as their physical bodies. There is an energy they exemplify that inspires me. Another inspiration are my parents. They’ve taught me the meaning of self-discipline, love, and sacrifice- all necessary tools in fitness.Q. For someone who is new to the fitness & health world, what piece of advice or information would you give them before they get started on this new venture?
A. I would tell them they need to find a reason that inspires intention. For some people it’s to be a better parent, spouse, or employee. For others it’s to prove something to someone or themself. But it’s important to find out what your trigger is- what moves you? When you find out what that is…use it as FUEL. Rev up your engine..and get going!


Q. What is your favorite or most inspiring quote, saying, affirmation, or tagline?
A.  “A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step” Lao-Tzu, Chinese Philosopher

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