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IFBB Bikini Pro & Coach, Michele D'Angona

My experience this last year can only be described as the roller coaster ride of a life time! I was truly blessed to have been introduced to such wonderful people & had the opportunity to experience such wonderful events. At the same time, this entire year has been the most difficult & challenging thing I’ve ever experienced. I must give a shout-out to a few people: the trainer who taught me the ways of a competitor, Kim Oddo; My mom & dad are the best- Whether they agree with my choices or not, they always stand by my side & support me; my friends, family, clients, & of course the fitness enthusiasts, fans, &  followers of the sport who are always there to support & cheer for me even when times get tough.

I’ve grown up & developed a new sense of self-esteem & self-respect, & rid my life of toxic people & things that were holding me back. Bad relationships, poisonous people, & unhealthy habits are now a distant memory. It takes courage, determination, sacrifice, true self- love, & confidence to break away from the pack to follow your dreams but the journey is well worth it!

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