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We have so much information constantly bombarding us…when to eat, what to eat, low-fat diets, no carb diets, sugars bad, soy is good, how to train, to lift heavy or to not lift heavy, how much cardio, no cardio?….how on Earth are we supposed to figure it all out? It’s exhausting & scary. No wonder it’s almost impossible to begin & actually stick with a program!

It is true, you’ve heard words of advice regarding your diet or training that seems to hold the answers you’ve been looking for. But just as soon as you think you’ve figured it all out that same magazine, coach, news report, or friend has something else to say that totally contradicts what you’ve heard and thought to be true. How can that be?

First of all, what works for some can work for others- but not for all! Are you still with me? GOOD!

Everyone responds to particular training programs & diets differently. Some work for you and some don’t. Deciding & sticking with a program is a two step process. You must fist make the commitment to a new plan then have patience to see it through!

Beginning a new regimen? Don’t give up!

Listen to your body: Your body holds the answers to many of the questions you may have regarding what to eat, how to train, & what works best for YOU to achieve the look YOU desire. Listening to your body is the key to unlocking your individual transformation secrets. As a coach, I can read your body and needs to a certain degree but the better YOU know your body, the better I can assist you! Start by paying extra attention to how you feel after eating particular foods. Does eating dairy make you tired? Do breads & grains make you bloated? What is your energy level like after eating a certain meal? Are you hungry throughout the day? In addition to how you feel, take note of how your body looks & how your body has changed throughout your life. Do you lose weight easily? Do you gain it back quickly? Are you bottom heavy? Do you tend to hold a majority of weight in your midsection? I recommend to all my clients that they keep a journal during this process. It helps to record not only your workout progress but the foods you eat & how they make you feel. This journal will turn into a reference manual specifically designed for you. I look back at my fitness journal & progress constantly as I’ve recorded my trials & tribulations transforming, competing, & dieting over the years. It is a fabulous tool which guides me as I improve my physique & helps me to remain positive & motivated.

Time is on your side: Now that you’ve decided to get started & you’re just getting into the swing of things, it’s very important to give yourself time with your new diet or program. One common pitfall I see and hear about often is when a person begins a new regimen & expects too much too soon. I understand, we want it fast & we want it now. But having this mentality can have a negative effect on your attitude and ability to follow through with your goals. Within the first two weeks many changes can occur but you must be consistent & dedicated to following through with each step in order to really see how, and even if, it affects you. During this time frame (roughly 10-14 days) your body will begin to adapt & conform to this new way of life you’ve introduced to it. Get through those first two weeks & you’re well on your way. Remember, what works for some doesn’t necessarily work for all. So if you are to discover what works best for your body, you need to give yourself TIME to adjust. In a way, you’re experimenting & testing your body. Don’t give up! Dedicate and commit yourself to at least 8 weeks…really that’s not that much time compared to the years you’ve wasted not seeing the results & body you desire! Even if you’ve heard of a fad diet or program that claims to work in 1 week, if you are to have a long term transformation, be ready to give yourself time.

Educate Yourself: I am most certainly an advocate on educating yourself. One thing I stress to all my clients is the process in understanding why I’m asking them to do what they do & eat what they eat. It is important that if you’re going to make a lifelong commitment to bettering your health & improving your physique you must understand what foods are good for you and why & what training programs work to benefit your body. I am a trainer & coach but more importantly I consider myself a teacher. In fact I taught Physical Education (P.E.) & health at a junior high & elementary school for 3 years. No matter what age or what stage in life you’re at it’s never too late to learn something new. Now you don’t need to know ALL the ins & outs but it can’t hurt to understand the basics. This also helps when discerning the information and advice you get from friends & other sources. As this site grows you will notice that not only do I provide pertinent health & fitness facts & information but I explain things in a way that is easy to understand & actually put to use.

As you see, a combination of knowing your body, giving yourself time to see how your body responds, & educating yourself on the super foods & tools needed for your success are the essential building blocks to begin your transformation. For more information regarding coaching & getting started please email me at: or visit my website:

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