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Join your host, Michele D’Angona, as she leads you on a transformative journey reconnecting you to your authentic heart & soul. Michele is a mind-body empowerment guide and transformation coach. Since 2013 she has been leading retreats around the world, introducing a mindful and unique way of experiencing indigenous cultures through eco-conscious & sustainable travel.The “Mindful Travel Wellness Retreats” accommodate men & women who are desire personal expansion on all levels while exploring nature and other cultures in a non-traditional and off-the-beaten-path way.

“Through the practice of balance on a mind-body level, I will guide you on a transformative experience where personal expansion is inevitable. Join me on this adventure of a lifetime as we explore, connect, and ground ourselves in nature in the most exotic and sacred places on Earth”

~Michele D’Angona

2018 Schedule/Events


A Transformative Journey of the Mind, Body, Heart, & Spirit

The Sacred Valley, Cusco, &

Q’eros: A Journey to Peru!

  • JUNE 24th- JULY 1st, 2018
  • JULY 1st- JULY 8th, 2018


IMG_4668 All-Inclusive Retreat in Peru 8 Days, 7 Nights

All Transportation within Peru, AirportTransfers, Meals, Tickets/Entry Fees, Activities/Excursions Included
  • 3 Nights Private Accommodations in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru
  • 4 Nights Exclusive Stay in the last living Inkan community, the village of the Q’eros people:100% of our proceeds during our stay in Q’eros will donated to the “Willka Yachay Foundation” directly impacting the Q’eros Villages
  • Ancient Inca Ruins & Sacred Sites: Guided Visit to Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu, Pisaq, Rainbow Mountain (weather permitting) & so much more
  • Hot Springs in Ausangate & Pacchanta Village Excursion
  • Q’eros Village Wisdom Keepers Cultural Immersion Activity Options: Andean Paqo healers,Trout fishing with nets, Natural Dye workshop, Alpaca herding, Earth oven cooking, native medicinal plant gathering, Andean Initiation Ceremony & Medicine Reading with the Shamans of Q’eros
  • Cusco City Food & Culture Tour, Sacred Ruins, Shopping & Exploring
  • WillkaYachay’s Non-Profit Organization is allowing us a personal visit to the schools of Q’eros.We will be giving back to the local village school by interacting with the children, organizing arts/crafts activities, playing, & offering our love and time as we immerse ourselves deeper in their culture.
  • Privately Guided Hike/ Treks, Nature Walks, & Other Physical Excursions for those interested in Participating
  • DailyTransformative and MindfulWorkshops Led by Michele D’Angona honoring the mind,body,heart,and spirit
  • All Organic Meals Included Daily: Private Chef to prepare custom dishes & Restaurant Meals Included. Delicious & nutritious meals, snacks, & beverage included & all locally grown. (Vegan, vegetarian, & other special dietary requests/ options available and included)
  • All Transportation Including Private Airport Pick-up & Drop-off Service, hotels, excursions, expedition gear, luggage storage, etc. included in your retreat


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$3300 Single Occupancy (One guest traveler, Private or Shared Room Options, One Private bed in Cusco)
$3000 per person, Double Occupancy (Two guest travelers attending together, Shared room, 1-2 beds Option in Cusco)


Retreat Daily Itinerary Example Schedule

Day 1: After landing in the Cusco, Peru airport, you will be picked up and transported through the vibrant and lush SacredValley before arriving in our private retreat home.You will be greeted with refreshments and snacks as you settle in your room taking in the fresh mountain air & beautiful views.We will enjoy our first group circle over dinner together as we get to know one another, fireside.

Day 2: We will begin the morning with a workshop guided by Michele, setting our intentions as we manifest nothing but magic within our personal retreat experience.After breakfast we will depart on a explorative hike fit for all levels of fitness, discovering ancient ruins (Rainbow Mountain expedition, weather

permitting) and learning about the culture and mysticism that makes up the ancient Inkan culture.We will enjoy a free day of relaxing, rejuvenating, or shopping and further exploration for those interested, taking in the sights, sounds, and local Peruvian cuisine.

Day 3: Our days adventure will be one you will not soon forget as we board a train to visit the infamous 7 Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu. Our private tour will be led by my good friend Sabino, a local of Peru and the owner of the best tour company in the Sacred Valley, “Vicūna Adventures”. Here we will discover the magic that lies within the ruins with plenty of time for photos, exploration, and hiking Huayna Picchu which is over 1,000 feet higher than Machu Picchu.

Day 4: Today we’re venturing off to the high mountains and remote hamlets of Q’eros.The Q’eros people are known as the “Wisdom Keepers” of the high Andes, the last living Inkan community.The Central act of the Q’eros is the Despacho ceremony, an offering to Pachamama, Mother Earth, which conveys humility and gratitude, and acknowledges preeminence.As we arrive,we will be welcomed by theVillage Families and our personal guide Hannah,founder ofWillkaYachay.We will be settling in to our homesteads amongst the breathtaking backdrops of this mountainous community.This is a truly loving and safe experience only available to our retreat group and not a tourist attraction as we were personally invited by the village president.This will begin the process of our Andean initiation ceremony.

Day 5: Our morning begins with another Mindful workshop gathering as we prepare to open our hearts to the village of Q’eros.This morning we are visiting the schools built by the Willka Yachay Foundation & we will be welcomed open armed by the school children.Today is a day of giving and receiving as we join in fun, games, and arts and crafts with the children supplying them with donation items/supplies needed by the schools. If you’ve never experienced true philanthropy on such a personal level, you are in for a very special and emotional treat.The Afternoon will be spent in theVillage enjoying your leisure time or participating in the many traditional cultural activities offered by the Q’eros people such as weaving, fishing, natural dying, medicinal plant workshops, & alpaca herding to name a few.

Day 6: Another day of adventure begins! More exploring,Village Shopping, Hiking, or Free time to relax with the Q’eros people. Immersed in the Peruvian and Inkan Culture full force, you will feel the expansion taking place from within.Tonight will be a very special one camping under the stars and sharing stories and sacred moments together by the light of a bonfire. Our Porters will handle at the details of this 5 star excursion from the equipment to a dinner feast!

Day 7: A special day of self-care and rejuvenation is in order.Today we’ll begin our retreat to the natural Hot Springs near the sacred mountain, Ausangante. Here we will be visiting and indulging in the pure Hot Spring Waters most will never experience. Exclusive use of a private guest house stay near the hot springs will be available to us during our time before returning back to our Q’eros Retreat Home.

Day 8: Our final morning in Peru together as a group will begin with a short hike and a special Andean Sacred Closing Ceremony.A beautiful retreat concludes as we say our heartfelt goodbyes and head back to Cusco City.

Retreat Cost/Pricing/Payment Plans

Pricing Includes Accommodations & all of the above activities listed along withVIP airport pick up and drop off & all transportation during your stay, all meals & beverages included as well.

Payment Options/Due Dates

  • $600 Deposit Per Person to ReserveYour Space (non-refundable)
  • 50% Balance Due by May 31st, 2018
  • Remaining Balance Due Prior to Travel Date Approximately June 23rd or June 30th, 2018

Payment Plan Options Available ~ All Types of Payments Accepted Including PayPal,Venmo, Cash, (Credit/Debit subject to fee)

RESERVE Your Space Before April 30th, 2018 & Receive $100 OFF single occupancy or $50 OFF per person for double occupancy


$3300 Single Occupancy (One guest traveler, Private or Shared Room Options, One Private bed in Cusco)
$3000 per person, Double Occupancy(Two guest travelers attending together, Shared room, 1-2 beds Option in Cusco)





TULUM, Mexico




This All-Inclusive Retreat in Tulum Mexico combines all the elements of mindfulness taking you off-the-beaten-path, on an authentic eco-travel experience balancing the mind, body, & spirit.

From deep in the Mayan jungles to the white sand beaches, we will be harmonious with nature discovering hidden cenotes & Immersing ourselves in the ancient Mayan culture, exploring ruins of this civilization, & participating in traditional purification ceremonies. All meals are prepared by our private chef and are delicious and nutritious catering to all dietary needs. This full service retreat will allow you private time and space in your own villa room setting the tone for rejuvenation and pampering. Spa services & massages, ocean and beach activities and relaxation, yoga/fitness did those desiring movement, and so much more will be at your disposal at this all-inclusive retreat in Tulum, Mexico! ……………………..……………………..……………………. villa_la_semilla_soliman_bay_tulum_riviera_maya_mexico-(5)VILLA LA SEMILLA: “The Seed” of Our Mindful Travel Retreat Location in Tulum, Mexico! JUNE 18th-23rd, 2017……. 6 days/5 nights 2 Rooms Remaining, All inclusive rates! -Airport pickup and drop off -All mindful meals/beverages & private chef -Accomodations for 6 days/5 nights -All Tours and activities included: Mayan Ruins, Mayan Ceremonial experience, Mindful workshops and optional fitness/jungle hikes etc -Daily use of kayaks & paddle boards


Mindful Travel Retreats Presents:


BALI, Indonesia


This annual retreat in Bali has become a favorite amongst followers and travelers of the Mindful Travel Retreats. This wellness retreat will reconnect you with nature as we explore the most spiritual and culturally diverse parts of the island. From exclusive visits with true healers, temple tours, our yearly visit to a tiny village school in Tabanan where we have the opportunity to donate our time & love to the children, to a visit to Ubud the spiritual and art capital of Bali; you won’t be disappointed. There is truly something for everyone. Expect organic food, menu of choice (vegan/vegetarian options are available), Luxury eco-living accommodations, Massage services, Volcano Hikes, and so much more in an ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE RATE! This year, all accommodations, meals, transportation, designated activities, & 2 massages are included in the price! __________________________________________________

Surrounded by the majestic Andes mountains of South America, our Retreat Center boasts 5 star accommodations in the most beautiful part of the Sacred Valley. We will be taking a day trip to Cusco and the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, hiking will be available for all levels of experience, a salt mine hike, tours of other archeological sites not to miss, a special Andean Shaman ceremony,  Andean school visit, spa services, Chakra garden tours, workshops and activities designed to transform & rejuvenate you, reconnecting you with nature and your souls journey.  Expect organic food, menu of choice (vegan/vegetarian options are available), Luxury eco-living accommodations, Massage services, Machu Picchu Hikes, and so much more in an ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE RATE! 

These retreat trips are always as eco friendly as possible, totally Off the Beaten Path of your typical vacations, not “touristy” at all, & will enlighten you & engage you in a whole new way! These retreats will truly be the experience of a lifetime whether you’re looking for tranquility & inner peace, fitness & health benefits, new friendships & experiences, or adventure & fun… The Mindful Retreats have it all!

If you have any “special requests” &/or feedback, please share!





Mindful Travel Retreat

Guest Reviews


I was on the hunt for something fresh and new, something to rattle my tree and shake my cage. I have always been cavalier, but tend to think with my head, and sadly, rarely have I ever followed my heart. I did not know Michele nor the other Warriors, and living in South Africa, was passively drawn to this through a Facebook post by our yoga instructor, Nathania, who went to school with me 20 years ago. But something special called me to this – in fact it tugged so hard on my heart that my mind couldn’t ignore it and was sold on the idea just a few hours later. Throwing caution to the wind, I said, “I’m in!”.Michele asked us to cast our expectations aside… But secretly, I had a tall ask: make me feel alive!In terms of the finer details, Michele was incredibly thoughtful when it came to our needs ahead of and during the Retreat. In the middle of a magical setting with delicious, healthy food, the variety of physical activities and experiences brought me greater personal awareness and peace; this is my journey and I can trust myself. Mindful. Grateful for the moment and of being alive.My Bali experience resulted from and in a series of new and deeper connections with beautiful and authentic people, whom I lost myself in with fun, tears and laughter. I left Bali glowing with positive energy in body, mind and heart(!), renewed gratitude for my close and stable relationships, rich new friendships and a reignited desire to live a spectacular and varied life.Thank you to everyone that made this experience as meaningful as it was, and specifically to Michele and Nathania.~Erin Ferguson Ormond, South Africa


  It is difficult to put into words how wonderful Michele’s Mindful Warrior & Mindful Goddess Transformation Retreat to Bali was. I think I can safely say that everyone left the retreat touched and changed in some way. Michele constructed a space for an experience that was at once profoundly spiritual, physically challenging, adventurous, philanthropic and purposefully mindful. Ten people came together from different walks of life, at different stages of their personal growth journey with different levels of understanding of what it meant to live mindfully. The experience reflected back at each participant what he or she was meant to get from the trip and we all walked away with a deeper understanding of ourselves and of compassion, perseverance, support and love. It’s very difficult to pinpoint a highlight or what I liked best about the retreat. There were so many aspects that were incredibly unique – from the fully self-sustainable eco lodge where we stayed to the Balinese healers we visited, to the mountain we climbed through the night to watch the sun rise over a view that takes your breath away; to the afternoon we spent with village school children making decorations for their bare classroom walls; to the discipline of a twice-daily yoga practice, the mouth-watering food prepared with ingredients grown just outside the dining room; to sleeping with walls open to the jungle, taking in the sounds and feeling enveloped by nature. I don’t even know where to begin – this doesn’t even scratch the surface. I never wanted it to end, and I can’t wait until I can go back, though I know it will never be the same as this retreat was. I would absolutely attend another retreat with Michele. ~Nathania Stambouli, Israel  ______________________________________________________________Not only has Bali been on my bucket list, It was synchronicity that led me to the amazing Michele!! Michele made this trip more than U could ever imagine..if I went alone I would have never done the things we did. Meeting 2 spiritual healers, climbing a 5,600ft volcano, meeting with children at the local school, living on an organic sustainable farm in the jungle and most of all bonding with people I’ve just met who will now be lifelong friends!! Thank you Michele for this life changing, mindful retreat. ~Shana Klimeczko., NY, NY  ______________________________________________________________ I am 28 year old girl who lives in Southern California that has become a personal trainer. This line of work is perfect for me because it lets me be creative by sculpting a women’s physique, as well as, rewarding by helping them feel better about themselves inside and out. This lifestyle takes on a different mindset and with the help of this retreat I have become such a better motivator, coach, trainer, friend, and individual! I didn’t really know what to expect, other than we were going to do some yoga and hiking, but the fact is, I have had such an amazing LIFE experience in such a small amount of time! This was my first retreat, but I have traveled outside of country before to France, Italy and Switzerland which was quite beautiful. The way Michele orchestrated all of the workshops and day excursions, made us ask ourselves questions that we wouldn’t ask ourselves in a normal vacationing setting. This pushed us to mentally step out of our comfort zones and is why I have suggested to all of my family members and clients to try one of Michele’s retreats. Everyone, no matter what their occupation or lifestyle, can grow and learn from this type of experience. I would definitely go on another Mindful Warrior & Mindful Goddess International Transformation Retreat in a second! I would love to visit a country that has a Fair Trade Producer such as India, Colombia, Sri Lanka, or Africa. ~Simone Basile, Santa Clarita, CA  ______________________________________________________________ For me it was a once in a lifetime experience. The location was breathtaking. I loved the program especially the yoga. I got to meet new and interesting people . I highly recommend this kind of retreat. I would definitely do it again. ~Hany Weizman  _________________________________________________________ So to start off, I want to say that this retreat was the best trip of my life! I’m a really busy person day to day with my career. I was looking for a little R&R get away. I heard about the Mindful Warrior & Mindful Goddess Transformation Retreat to Bali, from a friend. I immediately was interested when I read the info about it via email. I went with an open mind and had no expectations. I just wanted to get away. Everything that unfolded during the retreat was pretty amazing. I realized I wasn’t just there to relax, but I was there for a reason. I was spiritually awakened! From the yoga for the 1st time, to meditation, to concurring a 3 hour volcano hike, to living in the jungle (just a few things to mention). And although we were there with a group, there was a lot of individual self achievements and rewards. I personally had a lot of growth throughout this retreat. There was things that I had neglected about myself and I realized them on this retreat. If I was to do this trip differently……….. I wouldn’t change a thing. It was what I was looking for and didn’t know it. And as far as Michele the owner, she was very thorough with all the info we needed from travel, to what to bring, etc. She really knows how to do it in a very personable and professional way. I would definitely recommend these retreats to all. I already have my deposit in for the next one and I don’t even know where the next one is! ~Vince Luizzi, Burbank, CA  ______________________________________________________________11221779_1636140899966851_8108237440879347882_n The Mindful retreat in Bali was my first experience attending a retreat. My overall experience was beyond anything that I expected! The location was perfect, in the jungle among rice paddies. We were about 2-hours from the nearest city and there were no outside noises other than the sounds of the jungle and running water from the nearby waterfalls and mountain streams. Michele D’Angona helped to make this retreat all that it was: sharing her ‘words of wisdom’, her enthusiasm, her thoughtfulness, and her own experiences as she travels around the world. I would definitely attend another retreat and know that the experience would be well worth it. The accommodations were excellent and the staff very friendly. My room was ideal. I shared my lodge with four other people whom I did not know prior to attending the retreat. The like-mindedness of all of us who attended the retreat helped to enhance the experience. As part of the retreat we visited a local village school. The children were amazing, so appreciative of all the school supplies we donated as part of our Mindful retreat. I also looked forward to visiting a ‘Balinese Healer’ as this was on my ‘bucket list’! All my expectations were met with the two ‘healers’ we visited. As part of the retreat we had the privilege of having a yoga instructor among us. Waking up in the morning and then again in the late afternoon we did yoga in an outside patio area covered by a thatched roof with the jungle all around us. Meditating in such a peaceful place was ideal. I would definitely want to attend another retreat, possibly in India. I’d like to experience the spirituality of Hinduism and/or Buddhism in a retreat environment. ~Elaine Paletz, CA  _________________________________________________________  Michele DAngona organized an amazing retreat in Bali. The itinerary was well put together. We saw city life in Ubda, spirituality with an healer, sunrise hiking silence meditation day, volunteer in school and yoga sessions with an amazing instructor. Michele put a personal touch by giving every person in the retreat gift bag and special thank you card. Michele really chose a good dynamic group of people, who were strangers at the beginning of the retreat and at the end of the retreat became good friends. If Michele does another retreat ,I’ll definitely attend it. ~Ravit D., Los Angeles, CA  ______________________________________________________________ The Mindful Transformation Retreat in Bali was a journey to heaven For me. I did not know what to expect before i left Los Angeles until I got to the Bali Eco Stay. The place surrounded by beautiful palm trees, gardens, waterfall and rice paddies. Sporadic sounds of colorful birds whispering from every corner of the skies on an early clear day it’s nostalgic feelings of happiness I have not had since childhood and I am having hard time to express. our morning started with one and a half hours of yoga that was included breathing followed by a combination moves of Hatha, and relaxation poses. The food was amazing it was prepared by local chefs from the nearest village. A combination of fresh fruits, greens, salads and home made breads and of course, rice. The staff were always respectful, supportive and smiley ( real smile not LA smile 🙂 you can feel the karma vibe and willingness to assist you on anything either emotional or physical. During the time we were in Bali we did a lot of hiking, traveling to nears cities, visiting a spiritual healer and local school where we interacted with the Kids and gave them some school supplies. After 10 days we returned home energized with good karma, health and gratitude. I also learned a lot about my self. Michele D’Angelo really did a great job organize and plan this retreat. Everyday was a great experience. I highly recommend it and in future I’m planing to go with Michele again. ~Michelle Osnat Shabtay  ______________________________________________________________   Hello Lovlies! Empowering Body LLC, my transformation programs & myself have been spreading out all over the world working towards intensifying the connection of MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT! Balance is something we all hope to achieve & with proper guidance we can build our lives with intentional practices that will enhance not only our physical body but the mind & spirit as well which means we become more happy, peaceful, & our lives are enriched with success & love so deep that money could never buy! As most of you know, I have traveled the world over the last 10 years & what started as a hobby & literal journey, turned into a deep need to explore, seek, & deepen my knowledge and love for many other cultures, people, nature, & Earth as a whole. I am truly connected to myself when I an immersed in nature & amongst the most unfamiliar surrounding I feel most centered & at ease. I began to realize that the old saying was right…

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. And sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself!

So as an personally acclaimed “seeker” & now find myself MINDFUL: growing, learning, & perfecting the art of transformation in all area on my life. My body is my temple and home of the time I am here on Earth, my mind is capable of taking me to new heights & gives me the ability to share and communicate with others how they can unlock and reach their own potential, empowering them to take charge & make changes that will forever pave their way. And my soul, my spirit, & light is something I have carried with me through many lifetimes- its my connection to source, it is source & as soon as I realized that truth and began allowing and surrendering to it all, that is when my true transformation occurred. After years of attending retreats & creating my own oasis of retreats on my travels, I am now going full force giving others the opportunity to have a taste & a huge serving of total transforming and in the most wonderful places! Join me as I take you on a journey, a travel experience, & the transformation of a lifetime!