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    Real Client Photos

    View actual photos of Michele’s clients who have gone through major transformations in a very short time.

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    Lori Zorn Transformation

    “Working with Michele has been amazing. The amount of information that she has taught me about clean eating and diet is not something you can read in a magazine and adapt it for your body...”
    - Lori Zorn, 54, Huntington Beach

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Before (2009) and After (2014)


Once you decide on a goal or to achieve a certain task, achieve it at all costs. The gain in self confidence of having accomplished what you set out to do is immense! You can’t put a value on that!

I believe many women shy away from the gym for a variety of reasons. The most common being that they feel lost & don’t know what they’re doing, are afraid of “bulking up” rather than creating lean muscle, or their frustrated with their lack of progress for the amount of work they’ve put in! All of these are valid points but in order to have an EMPOWERING BODY, one must begin to take charge of not only their body but mind as well. When training with me there are no excuses! My way of training is completely different from what you’re used to & I require all my clients to come to me with an open mind prepared to learn & ready to change! Begin your journey by taking charge of the one thing you CAN control, yourself! By empowering your mind & body you can make the proper changes that will last a lifetime!

Visit the TRANSFORMATION GALLERY to see other like you who have taken control & changed their lives once & for all! Read about their experiences, inspirational stories, & TESTIMONIALS!

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